PaidUp enables Small Businesses to Crowdfund from their own customers

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Fast and Convenient

Order and Pay in 2 seconds - the mobile app frees you from having to queue, carry cash and hang around waiting for change. You can also pre-order ahead for pickup or local delivery.

Rewards and Loyalty

Get up to 50% free at your favourite PaidUp stores to spend on any item, service or product you like.

Support Locals

PaidUp helps small businesses crowdfund investment from their regular customers so that they can use that money to invest in their business and grow, employing more people and helping the local economy.


Merchant dashboard enables enterprises to learn more about their customers. It also provides in- depth revenue and data analytics.

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  • Monitor Orders and Payments

  • Customer Intel and Analytics

  • Integrated P.O.S

  • Direct Marketing Channel for Loans

  • Automatic Loan Repayment