What is PaidUp?
PaidUp is a FREE payments, rewards and pre-order mobile app that enables customers to go cashless by paying upfront at their favourite stores in return for a reward. It’s available across 75+ restaurants, coffee shops and beauty establishments in Manila - the app was also designed with a social mission to help small and medium businesses ‘crowdfund’ investment and working capital from their customers and get greater access to capital so that they may grow more quickly.

Where should I download it?
You can download the app on either the Google play or Apple App Store. The app is FREE and small (under 10mb file size)

How do I register?
Registering is easy - simply hit register/sign-up on the homescreen. Input your email address together with your personal 4 digit pin code and you’re in!

How do I get started with loading up credits?
Choose a store. 2) Find a deal. 3) Load up-in store - so once you’re in the store and have picked your offer, simply tell the staff that you want to load up. At this point, pay the cashier with cash and show them your phone so that they can load the offer onto your account. This should take between 3-5 seconds only - and then you get claim your freebie and check your new balance.

How do I pay using my PaidUp Credits?
Select the Pay icon, select the store where you will send your payment, double check the amount to be paid, then input your PIN code. Once you confirm the amount, show the confirmation screen to the staff and you’re done.

After ordering, can I get the food delivered to my table?
Yes. PaidUp also has a very convenient table delivery system. If you happen to see a Menu option in your restaurant’s respective store page, then you can simply choose what you want to order from the menu, choose a table number you’re seated at and then pay from your in-store credits, and have the food delivered right to your table.

Can I order in advance to just pick up my food?
Absolutely! If you’re on the go and don’t wish to wait in line, simply select your food items and then choose ‘pick up’ and enter the time you’ll be arriving - as soon as you then hit pay, the store will start preparing your order. No more lines for you!

Can I share credit with my friends?
You can share ANY amount with your friends! Simply go to to the PAY tab and you’ll see the option “send to friend.” Enter their email, the amount you want to give, and your PIN which will instantly send the credits over to the account the email address is linked to.

General Questions

I am having a problem with PaidUp - what shall I do?
First check your internet is working perfectly (This is often 99% of the problem) - if your internet is definitely fine - please email us asap on info@paidup.io or send us a facebook message on our page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
I forgot my pin code, how can I retrieve it?
Send us an email at info@paidup.io with the subject “Pin Code Inquiry” and we’ll get back to you and restore your access - or go to the pay page and hit ‘forgot PIN’ for a new one to be sent to your email address.

Why can't I see the menu/balance/deals?
PaidUp is an online application reliant on stable internet connection. Try to reconnect to your cellular data/wifi, or look for a place with better signal then try opening PaidUp again.

Why can’t I download nor update PaidUp?
Restart your phone to allow the system to refresh. If this fails, send us an email at info@paidup.io with the subject “Download Concern” and indicate your mobile phone model, system version, and internet provider. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I load up amounts that are not part of the packages provided?
This is a feature we may be exploring soon (along with home delivery, credit card integration for loading up and establishment reviews). But for now, you can always just buy the specific deals and get your reward instantly!

How long can I keep my loaded credits?
Stored credits last indefintely.

Can I use my credit from one store to another?
PaidUp advocates supporting small and rising businesses in the Philippines. In line with this, we are keen to have customers keep their credits with a specific establishment - however, we may change this in the near future if there’s a big demand for it.

What should I do if I accidentally pay the wrong amount?
In case you input the wrong amount, kindly inform the store staff so they can send us a report about the incident - please also email or Facebook us on info@paidup.io - we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

I am not satisfied with my purchase; can I get a refund?
Please email info@paidup.io with your concern and we will look into getting you a refund.

I lost my mobile device, what should I do?
You can log on to your PaidUp account using any mobile device. No one can use your PaidUp credit without knowing your 4-digit PIN. However, contact us as soon as possible at info@paidup.io and indicate the subject “Lost Phone” and we will log you out immediately and help you with next steps.

How many partner stores does PaidUp have?
PaidUp currently has 75+ partner stores in Maginhawa, Katipunan, UP Town Center, Taft, Espanya and many more. PaidUp continues to look for more partner stores to support local businesses and offer more great deals to customers - if you are a business that wishes to be added to our stores, please email us on info@paidup.io and we’ll get back to you. We are also looking for motivated and hardworking people to join the team and interns - so please feel free to contact us about that and send your resume there to jobs@paidup.io

What makes PaidUp different from other apps that allow you to order and pay from your phone?
We have a vision and mission to help small and medium local businesses which find it hard to get loan from banks. PaidUp is able to do this by helping the business gain essential data and analytics and crowdfund investment from their customers - there’s a much bigger plan in place for PaidUp, and the current app is just stage 1 of the bigger plan ahead for enabling small and medium businesses grow across Asia.